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SimpleGlide - Sleek Strappy Low Heel Dress Shoes, 300-U

SimpleGlide - Sleek Strappy Low Heel Dress Shoes, 300-U

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With an ideal height that accentuates your figure without compromising your comfort, our elegant strappy sneakers allow you to look sophisticated without sacrificing practicality. Each strap is carefully designed to offer a secure fit and keep your feet in place, giving you the peace of mind to walk with confidence and without worries.

  • Perfect height to enhance your figure without sacrificing comfort.
  • Secure fit with straps designed to keep your feet in place.
  • Cushioned insole that provides soft, ergonomic support.
  • Timeless elegance with delicate straps and subtle embellishments.
  • Non-slip sole to walk safely on any surface.

Discover the perfect balance between height, comfort, security and elegance with these strappy shoes. Get ready to surprise and captivate with every step you take!

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