Welcome to Jahaira! Since our founding in 1988, we have established ourselves as a leading women's shoe factory located in Ticul, Yucatan, Mexico. At Yahaira, our focus is on the creation of handmade shoes, where we fuse traditional craftsmanship with avant-garde designs.

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From our location in this beautiful corner of the country, we have built a solid reputation as a manufacturer of women's footwear. For decades, we have distributed our products throughout the south of the Mexican Republic, reaching every corner of the region.

In every pair of shoes we create, we honor Ticul's artisan roots and celebrate local talent. Our skilled artisans infuse their skill and dedication into every shoemaking process, creating shoes that reflect the essence of Mexican beauty.

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Despite the challenges we faced during the pandemic, at Yahaira, our resolve grew stronger. Rather than let ourselves be beaten, we find an opportunity in adversity and jump into selling online. This new approach has allowed us to connect with our clients in a more accessible way and reach new markets, always maintaining our commitment to the quality and style that characterizes us.

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We are a proudly Mexican company and our dedication to the art of footwear is reflected in each creation. At Yahaira, we are excited to continue growing, overcoming obstacles and taking our products to new horizons.

Handmade shoes in manufacture

Join us on this journey and discover the charm and quality that characterize Yahaira shoes. We are committed to offering you an exceptional footwear experience that highlights your style and makes you feel unique on every occasion.